Delivering Quality with Integrity
Wet chemistry analysis
Process solution analysis:
• Cleaners, Etch, and Deoxidizer solutions
• Anodic Solutions
• Chemical Conversion Coatings
• Passivation Tanks
• Most Plating Solutions
• Seal Tank Analysis
• Dye Concentration
• Surface Tension
• Rinse Tank Analysis
• Process and rinse tank contaminants: silica, fluorides,   chlorides, sulfates, total dissolved solids (TDS), pH range,   and most metals
Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy:
Measures most metal concentration from parts per million (mg/L)
Rapid analysis allows for same day turn around!
  NADCAP Testing Laboratory Accreditations:
• Process Solution Analysis
• Corrosion Testing (Salt Spray and High Humidity)
• Coating Weight, Paint Adhesion and Material Removal Rates
• End Grain Pitting and Intergranular Attack
• Electrical Resistivity of Conversion coatings